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RV Furniture

Buy direct from the manufacturer.  RV Furniture proudly offers quality furnishings to bring a touch of home to your recreational vehicle or smaller living space. Our RV tables and RV chairs features distinct styling to decorate your RV or smaller apartment space.  Along with our RV Dinettes and RV Dining chairs we also provide RV End Tables and RV Coffee Tables.  RV Furniture also provides custom specialty items for the RV Industry such as window casing, and wooden return air vents to name a few.  We have been supplying the RV industry for 25+ years and are your one stop shop for most of your RV needs.  At RV Furniture, our unique combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing and masterful craftsmanship results in beautiful furnishings whose quality can be enjoyed for years to come. Thank you for visiting RV Furniture. Let us help you with you next RV Table replacement.  We look forward to helping you travel in comfort and style.

Finest Domestic Hardwoods

  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Maple

*Please note, our products are available for shipping via UPS.

  • Cherry

  • Beech

RV Furniure

RV Furniure